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Hospital pays Rs 200,000 as compensation for medical negligence

Bhaktapur, May 31: The Nagarik Hospital, Gatthaghar, Bhaktapur, has paid Rs 200,000 in compensation to a patient, after it turned out that doctor’s negligence during a surgery at the hospital had further worsened the condition.
Five-year-old Nisu, daughter of Upendra Mandal, of Saptari was admitted to the hospital on October 20, 2015 after suffering some complications to her leg. Doctors at the hospital suggested carrying out a surgery on Nisu’s leg, so as to avoid from amputation.
However, things turned worse following the surgery and the situation came to light only after Nisu was taken to another hospital. Rita Kumari, Nisu’s mother, said, “We took our daughter to another hospital for a CT-scan and MRI. Only then we came to know that on the major vein in her leg was cut off in course of the surgery.”

The Hospital Administration informed that Dr Suraj Bajracharya had carried out operation of the child. Dr Bajracharya, however, claimed that he did not make any mistake in operation.
Rita Kumar said her daughter could not even walk after more than eight months of the surgery and spending lakhs for treatment in the hospital. However, the hospital instead resorted to threatening the Mandal family against taking the matter out of the hospital. In response, irate locals of Kaushaltar, where the Mandal family temporarily lived and Gatthaghar picketed the hospital two days ago after Hospital Director Suresh Shrestha threatened the Mandal family time and again not to disclose the incident.
The Hospital Administration finally on Monday provided Rs 200,000 as compensation after the victim family registered a complaint at Metropolitan Police Circle, Thimi.