IRLC directs govt to compensate kin of those killed in Kabul

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Kathmandu, June 22: The International Relations and Labour Committee (IRLC) of the Legislature Parliament today directed the government to provide appropriate compensation to the kin of those killed in Kabul suicide bombing and provide treatment for the injured. 

The committee’s meeting today also paid tributes to those killed in the attack, wished for speedy recovery and good health of those injured and extended condolence to the bereaved families. The meeting also condemned the attack terming it a terrorist act.
Twelve Nepali migrants were killed and seven injured when a suicide bomber hit a minibus in Kabul in Afghanistan on June 20 carrying Nepali security guards who worked for the Canadian embassy. One of the injured is reported to be in serious condition.
The meeting also thanked the government for promptly sending a Nepali aircraft to Kabul to bring back the bodies of those killed but directed it to bring facts of the incident to light.
The meeting directed the government to arrange and help those Nepalis in war-torn countries including Afghanistan return back home if they wish so.
Cautioning that such incidents should not repeat, the meeting directed the government and Ministry of Labour and Employment to strictly implement the provision barring Nepalis leaving for foreign employment without labour permit and taking action against those manpower agencies and agents sending them for foreign employment without labour permit.
The meeting also directed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Labour Ministry to initiate effective diplomatic relations with respective countries including India serving an illegal way for Nepalis heading to foreign countries for job in order to curb such illegal passage.
Meanwhile, lawmakers attending the meeting criticised the government’s decision to allow Nepali going to war-ridden countries like Afghanistan for job, thus resulting in the recent sad incident.
They also demanded that the families of the Nepalis killed in the attack be compensated and their children be provided with schooling free of cost.
They also demanded that Nepalis should be banned from seeking foreign employments in war-torn countries and those manpower companies and agents sending them to war-ridden countries for job illegally should be booked.