Preparation on to bring back Nepali to home from Afghanistan

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Kathmandu, June 21: The Government of Nepal has made arrangement to bring back home to Nepali nationals in Afghanistan following deadly suicide bombing in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, killing 12 Nepalis. 

At a news conference organised here on Tuesday, Spokesperson at the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Govinda Mani Bhurtel said that an arrangement has been made to bring back the Nepalis in Afghanistan to home through aircraft.
He said this when the government was making preparation to send an aircraft to bring the bodies of those killed and injured in Kabul attack
He said that the government has been sending an aircraft of Nepal Airlines Corporation to Afghanistan at 10:00 pm today to bring back the bodies of Kabul victims and the injured to home.
Bhurtel said that the Charge d’ Affaires at Nepali Embassy in Pakistan has been deployed there from Tuesday to make arrangement for bringing back to home the dead bodies and injured ones as well as those willing to return home.
He said, “Those who are willing can return home after coordinating with the Charge d’ Affaires.
Total 14 people including 12 Nepalis were killed and other seven were injured in terrorist attack in Kabul on Monday.
Director General at the Department of Foreign Employment, Shatrughan Pudasaini, shared information that some of Nepalis had reached Afghanistan for foreign employment from third countries.
He said the Department has granted work permit to those who are on demand of the Nepali Ambassador to Pakistan as security guards for United Nations and foreign diplomatic mission at ‘Green Zone’.
Pudasaini further said that a total of 5,291 Nepalis have received work permit and are serving in Afghanistan as security guards.
Similarly, Chairman of the Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies, Bimal Dhakal said that stern action should be taken against those sending people to foreign employment illegally. Likewise, Chairman of the Forum of Nepal Democratic Foreign Employment Entrepreneurs, Pragyan Neupane said that smugglers have unlawfully sent a large number of Nepalis to Afghanistan for the same via the route of India, UAE and Sri Lanka.
The government has permitted Nepali labour force to work in 110 countries including war-torn Afghanistan.