Nebraska Nepalese Society Requested to Help Joshan Shai Thakuri

Joshan Shai Thakuri a 21-year-old man from Nepal, came to Arkansas State University in 2016 as a student. He recently transferred to Metro Community College in Omaha, Nebraska. Unfortunately, he is recently diagnosed with myelogenous leukemia and admitted to Bergan Mercy Hospital in Omaha. Joshan needs your help at this unforeseen situation and On behalf of Nebraska Nepalese Society (NNS) and its family, we would like to humbly request to support and help to raise funds.

Although we can work with charitable organizations to cover his hospital bill, he will face a number of other expenses. NNS is also working diligently to bring his parents here soon. All these costs are unbearable to a student who has only been here for one year.

He really needs our help. Please help this young man to recover and fulfill his dream.

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Help Joshan Shai Thakuri

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