Help Requested for Sona and her Family

At around 10:30 p.m. on Sunday (May 5, 2017), Boulder resident and a CU senior student Sona Shrestha was traveling back home with her family in a car. As they were approaching North Foothills Highway near Violet avenue in North Boulder, they witnessed two cars crashing in front of them. Since they were the first witnesses and no police or emergency help had yet arrived, Sona and her family got out of their car and rushed to help the people who had just gotten in the accident. Meanwhile, a local resident (later identified as A.J. Short) had also stepped out of his home and came in to help. As Sona and A.J. were just starting to help the ones who had just met an accident, a third car being driven by a drunk driver (later identified as 23-year-old Jose Hernandez-Altamira) slammed into the crashed cars, hitting A.J. and Sona and injuring them both seriously. Along with A.J. and other people who suffered injuries in this series of accidents, Sona was rushed to the Boulder Community Health’s hospital on Foothills and Arapahoe where she is undergoing treatments for her serious injuries. She has suffered a fracture to her pelvis, backbone, and legs, a partially collapsed lung, multiple bruises to her limbs, body, and face. A.J. is also undergoing treatment in the same hospital. Sona was about to graduate from CU this Friday (May 12) with a major in psychology and was finishing up with her final exams when the mishap happened.

Sona is undergoing intensive treatment in the hospital only because of the ignorance and recklessness of a drunk driver who already had a record of multiple prior DUIs, with a revoked license, and was driving an uninsured car, who is now in police custody. During this dire time of having to deal with this distress in a hospital instead of doing a graduation walk and starting a new career, we, Sona’s friends are setting up this GoFundMe account to provide at least some help to her recovery and to help her family who is now bound to lose a tremendous amount of money for medical bills, work hours and other financial difficulties that will only unfold with time. We are asking friends, neighbors, acquaintances, colleagues and community members who know Sona or her family to contribute any amount they can to help Sona’s family in this time of need and ease their burden even just a little bit.

GoFundMe Link:

Please Help Sona

Further details of the accident were covered in this story by the Boulder Daily Camera:


And by the Denver Channel 7:


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