Safety materials handed to 100 journalists

Kathmandu – As many as 100 journalists associated with various media have been provided safety materials in the wake of increased cases of COVID-19 infection across the country. The journalists were handed over PPE sets, press jackets, surgical masks, gloves and sanitizers with the coordination of Destination Nepal Group in Kathmandu on Friday.

The safety materials were distributed at Narayan Chaur of Naxal by maintaining social distance. Destination Group Chairman Shiva Adhikari said 100 journalists associated with print, electronic and online media were provided the safety materials as they were working actively in the face of crisis.

Such assistance will be continued in the days ahead, he said, adding that the materials were managed with the help of Bodhisattwa monastery. Meanwhile, the National Tourism Journalists Association has recently provided the safety materials to more than 50 journalists in the capital city.

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